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    A Pay Slip is an important part of information that an employee would required from his/her employer at every month end. Usually, such slips are issued before paying salary or transferring it into employee’s bank account. However this policy may differ from company to company to fulfill their specific requirements and circumstances. Here is a useful Pay Slip Template created using MS Word to help anyone in the process of creating professional Pay Slips for their staff. It contains all the useful information required to be present in a standard pay slip such as basic salary, allowances, deductions etc. You just need to download this pay slip template from the link (given at the end of this page) to start using it. Since it is created using MS Word so anyone can easily edit it to suit his needs with little to no knowledge of MS Word.

    Here is preview of this Pay Slip Template created using MS Word 2003,

    Pay Slip Template

    {Please find the download link at the bottom of this page}

    Key Elements of any Pay Slip:

    Here are some useful tips and key elements to be kept in mind while creating Pay Slips,

    =>  Make sure it is an accurate document with all correct facts & figures.

    =>  Don’t over load this document with too many colorful graphics or images. It is meant to be professional and should look like a professional document.

    =>  Provide information regarding Basic Salary by which all allowances are going to be calculated.

    =>  Include all the details of allowances or bonuses

    =>  Include all the details of deductions or any other related information that will have an effect on Net Payable Salary.

    =>  Don’t forget to mention Employee Particulars such as his full name and employee number for cross reference.

    =>  If you are paying through Bank Wire transfers, mention all the details of bank account that you have in your records. Such as bank account number, ABN, Swift Code, Branch etc.

    =>  Also, mention the date of payment either in cash or through bank transfer.

    =>  At the end, provide a contact information as to whom employee should contact in case of any discrepancy or inaccuracy of data.

    Here is download link for this Pay Sip Template created using MS Word,

    Download Pay Slip Template

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