• Compliments Slip Template

    Here is a good looking Compliments Slip Template created using MS Word that can help anyone in creating with compliments slips quickly and without spending too much time on its layout. Such slips are used to print address labels for sending thank you letters or acknowledgement of services offered by an individual or organization. Such slips are also used when receiving donations for the public welfare projects such as health related institutes or charity projects. This slip template can help you to customize and create your own with compliments slips easily using the MS Word application (usually already present in every PC now a days). Just download it from the link below and start editing it by opening in MS Word.

    Here is preview of this Compliments Slip Template created using MS Word,

    Compliments Slip Template

    Tips for creating Compliments Slips:

    Here are some useful tips that can be used to create comprehensive and professional looking with compliments slips,

    • Prominently place your company name, address and contact details for the receiver to recognize you clearly.
    • Choose a color scheme that better represent your industry or official color scheme as it will also help the recipient to recognize you. Moreover this will add value to make it look more and more professional by nature.
    • On one corner, mention “With Compliments” message but make sure that it should not be completely sidelined as it is the most important message and must be noticed by every reader.
    • While it is not required but preferred if you print a box around your slip to help your staff in cutting it correctly. Leave even spaces around the four corners of your contents and try to make it look more and more prominent.
    • To save space, print multiple slips in one page by copy pasting your slip on as many places as you can within the limit of printing area of page.
    • Double check your spellings and company information before sending it to printer.
    • If you can have your hands with sticker sheets, try to print directly on it as it will save a lot of time for you to put it on envelops or cards.

    Here is preview of this Compliments Slip Template created using MS Word,

     Download Compliments Slip Template

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